Chad Foreman

About Chad Foreman

Chad is the consummate salesperson. He is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, sales engineer and sales consultant for his entire work career. Chad made an industry leap into real estate from retail and B2B sales in 2016. His business building success in the residential, commercial and automotive AV specialty has given him extensive experience in residential construction, multimillion-dollar contract negotiation, and critical execution of his clients expectations. This, along with many personal commercial and residential real estate transactions, has given Chad a unique and extensive history in all things real estate related. Chad has mastered the art of negotiating deals. “I despise the saying that a successful negotiation is when both parties loose. Both parties should win. Both parties can win! I facilitate and direct this process.”

Chad has worked on both sides of the real estate transaction and has retained a 5 star Realtor rating. Chad will tell you “I don’t sell real estate. I sell peace of mind”. Chad does this by effectively managing his client’s expectations through communication, industry knowledge and relationship retainment. Chad uses his experience and foresight to proactively address details before problems can occur. “My very first home purchase was a horrible experience. I began my real estate career with a vow to never allow this feeling to occur with my clients. This is my mission and I do not accept anything less than excellence for my clients.”

Chad is a dedicated family man with a devotion to God, his beautiful wife and amazing daughter. A professional drummer by nature, you can find Chad playing with and producing many famous and up and coming musical artist both on stage and in the music studio. “Music is my passion and first love. I am blessed to be involved with many fantastic projects and people in my music career.”