I knew that my quest for a new home was right on track

Nearly 1 year ago, I embarked upon a quest that had intimidated me for years….the quest for a new home. Apartment living became so easy that it took the encouragement from a close friend to seek out the assistance of a realtor. It was recommended that I see Fabiola Llaguno with Topmark Realty. I met with Fabiola and within minutes, I knew that my quest for a new home was right on track. My concerns, My skepticism, My fear of the unknown were all put to rest. It was as if I had walked onto an airplane and met the pilot…….. I knew I was in good hands. Fabiola took so much time with me. She took me to many different neighborhoods, she discussed all the possible options. Everything she did was in an organized manner……she took me one step at at time and never made me feel overwhelmed. It became very clear to me , just how lucky I was to have a Realtor who showed a passion in her work that is indescribable. Once I found the home that I wanted, Fabiola stayed with me every step of the way. She gave me advice when I asked for it and encouragement and support when I needed it. I can’t imagine going through this process without her and Topmark Realty. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Topmark to any of my friends and family, in fact I would probably demand that they use Topmark.

-T. Peet

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